Easily forecast with a visual interface that allows you to quickly identify inventory issues. Our advanced dashboards send you alerts ahead of time on items heading toward a stock-out.

Improve your forecasts by up to 50%

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Predictive Insights is a specialist forecasting company: building accurate and bespoke forecasts which draw on diverse data sources and insights from economics and behavioural science.

Improve your business through better forecasting

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Campaign effectiveness predictive insights artificial intelligence
Learn how AI and behavioural insights improved demand forecasting by 40%, reduced staff scheduling errors and saved costs for Hungry Lion.

Hungry Lion reduces demand forecasting errors

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Predictive Intelligence System for:

Predictive Insights is a specialist forecasting company.

We build accurate and bespoke forecasts which draw on diverse data sources, insights from economics and behavioural science, and the latest methodologies including machine learning and econometrics.

How do we do it?

We combine our own curated data, with yours, and then use cutting edge forecasting methodologies to make accurate predictions which can be used for your business.

What are the benefits?

These accurate forecasts can be used to drive business processes like demand planning, stock optimisation, staff scheduling, and dynamic pricing, improving overall performance and efficiency.

Our Approach

Our models draw from diverse sets of data, our insights into the economy and human behaviour, and modern machine learning approaches to produce accurate and actionable insights to help your business.

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Our Solutions

Our forecasts can be integrated into existing systems and processes. We also have a continually growing suite of products which use these forecasts to solve various business problems

Customer lifetime value predictive insights machine learning

Staff Management

People are the most important asset for many businesses. Our scheduling and staff management tool helps to ensure you have the right number of people in the store to meet the needs of customers, but also create schedules that work for your staff.

Campaign effectiveness predictive insights artificial intelligence

Campaign effectiveness

Businesses continually need to know about the most effective way to boost outcomes, like sales or engagement, which they care about. Our campaign effectiveness module helps a business determine the additional impact of a campaign.

staff_management ai predictive insights

Customer Lifetime Value

Each has a different ‘customer lifetime value’ to the business. Our customer lifetime value tool helps identify different types of customers and the value of these different groups to the business. This means that a business can focus on the most valuable customers.

Demand Forecasting

PI’s demand planning technology provides accurate predictions on who wants what, when. These forecasts can be used to drive staff schedules, stock ordering, pricing and promotion decisions, and food production, improving business efficiency and profits.

Stock Optimisation

Keeping high levels of stock is expensive, particularly if the product has a short shelf-life, but low-levels risk stock-outs and lost sales. PI’s stock optimisation tool helps plan what stock to order, and where it should be located to maximise returns on your working capital.

Sales Insight

Our sales insight module helps identify unusual trends and outliers on a store, product and individual basis. This allows for the monitoring of performance at different levels.The module can also be used to identify types of customers, target markets or product complements.

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