Data-driven Stock Control: Bespoke Analytics for Optimised Operations

Keeping the right amount of stock is a balancing act.

With our stock control solution you’ll never have to worry about stock-outs or overstocking again.

Predictive Insights stock control solution

Predict sales.
Prevent stock-outs.
Optimise business operations.

Bespoke analytics to ensure efficient stock ordering

Get actionable insights with our operational and strategic forecasts (up to 18 months ahead) helping you revolutionise your decision making.

By leveraging data-driven approaches, businesses can anticipate future trends, optimise operations, and make informed strategic decisions. With forward-looking data and predictive analytics – efficient stock control has never been easier.

Reduced waste

Predictive Insights reduce waste stock control

Predictable costs

Demand forecasting

Elevate Customer Experience, Boost Sales

Customer satisfaction drives loyalty and repeat business. By using our stock control forecasts, you can maintain stock keeping units (SKU’s) at branches where they are most likely to sell – guaranteeing ongoing customer satisfaction.

Let’s help you create value for your customers, while driving sales.

Customer satisfaction | stock analytics Predictive Insights

Not enough stock for promotional demands?

During promotions, retailers prepare for massive sales. However, it’s also a time where businesses can incur unnecessary costs, reducing profit margins significantly.

Our data-driven stock control analytics helps you:

  • Understand customer trends
  • Analyse historical and forward-looking data
  • Get early warning signs to re-order
  • Automate stock ordering
  • Save time time for strategic planning to get optimal pricing and ordering

Don’t let stock shortages derail your promotional efforts.

Don't just take our word for it...
Hear what Nando's has to say on CNN!

As Nando’s’ global forecasting partner, we provide bespoke forecasts and actionable analytics to help them with operational and strategic decisions, including:

In this CNN piece, Nando’s and City Lodge share their experience of working with us to optimise their business processes. Watch the full CNN snippet for more.

Streamline your inventory management with data analytics

Predictive Insights staffing benefits

The benefits

  • Inform strategic decision-making: Use data to save time and boost revenue
  • Reduce waste: Use predictive analytics to cater for demand – not more, not less.
  • Avoid stock-outs: Use data to manage inventory levels and always have enough stock
  • Actionable forecasts and analytics: Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Optimise operational demands: Meet customer needs

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