Understanding what is coming is essential for your business!

Knowing your upcoming sales, who will buy from you, and how markets are changing are essential for both strategic and operational planning.

Predictive Insights is a specialist forecasting company: building accurate and bespoke forecasts which draw on diverse data sources, insights from economics and behavioural science, and the latest methodologies including machine learning and econometrics. Our approaches use techniques which are used by Central Banks (we’ve actually built forecast models for Central Banks too), and big tech companies who are on the forefront of forecasting, but also incorporate context, locational and economy-specific aspects too.


These forecasts can then be integrated into a broader set of tools to provide demand planning, stock optimisation, staff scheduling, dynamic pricing, customer analysis, and market and promotion evaluation.

The Predictive Insights approach is best suited for products and services where there are fluctuations in demand, and often where multiple products or services are sold, across many different locations, at different times, making it very difficult for a human to accurately absorb what is going on and forecast accurately. Our technology is used in sectors like restaurants, retail, hospitality, travel, hospitals, and financial services.

Better forecasts drive operational efficiency, increase revenue, improve the customer relationship, and add to the bottom line.

Forecast Horizons


  • Forecasts at minute / hour level
  • Horizon: next few hours or days
  • Updated in real (or near real) time
  • Used to identify anomalous behaviour or trigger actions
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  • Forecasts at day, day part, or hourly level
  • Horizon: next few days or weeks
  • Used for planning production, staff scheduling, stock, ordering, etc.
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Medium- to long-term

  • Forecasts for days, weeks or months
  • Made up to 18 months in advance
  • Useful for strategic planning, stock ordering, scheduling promotions or price changes, producing yearly budgets, etc.
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