Staffing and Labour Scheduling: Data-driven Workforce Management

Your workforce shapes customer satisfaction, stock control, and revenue. Let’s help you shape up. 

Predictive insights workforce forecasting

Optimise your staffing.
One shift at a time.

Bespoke analytics to drive your business efficiency

Get actionable insights with our operational and strategic forecasts (up to 18 months ahead) helping you revolutionise your decision making. 

By leveraging data-driven approaches, businesses can anticipate future trends, optimise operations, and make informed decisions. With forward-looking data and predictive analytics – efficient staffing and labour scheduling has never been easier.

Staffing analytics

retail intelligence system predictive insights

Labour scheduling

Demand forecasting

retail demand forecasting predictive insights
predictive insights staff management

Overworked or overstaffed? Strike the perfect balance

From scheduling shifts to managing staff turnover, striking the balance is an ongoing struggle. You shouldn’t have to choose between overworked  employees or excessive labour costs on downtime. 

Our data-driven workforce forecasts for restaurants ensures you have the right people at the right place, at the right time. This drives unparalleled efficiency, ensuring you always have enough staff to meet the demand (all while keeping your employees happy and engaged.)

Elevate Customer Experience, Boost Sales

Customer satisfaction drives loyalty and repeat business. By using our labour scheduling forecasts, you can consistently maintain optimal staffing levels, guaranteeing that your customer’s needs are met.

Let’s help you create value for your customers, drive sales, and cut staffing costs – for the benefit of your business, and employees.

Customer satisfaction | stock analytics Predictive Insights
Predictive Insights staffing benefits

The benefits

  • Inform strategic decision-making: Use data to save time and boost revenue
  • Minimise labour costs: Less overstaffing and overtime expenses
  • Actionable forecasts and analytics: Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Optimise operational demands: Meet customer needs
  • Ensure employee satisfaction and well-being: Higher job satisfaction and lower turnover

Don't just take our word for it...
Hear what Nando's has to say on CNN!

As Nando’s global forecasting partner, we provide bespoke forecasts and actionable analytics to help them with operational and strategic decisions, including:

In this CNN piece, Nando’s and City Lodge share their experience of working with us to optimise their business processes. Watch the full CNN snippet for more.

Optimise your workforce with data-analytics.

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