AI Expo Africa 2022

Predictive Insights at the AI Expo Africa The Africa AI Expo 2022 was a two-day exhibition of the continent’s best applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to business problems;

Meet the team: Mahlatse Mashala
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Mahlatse Mashala is a Data Scientist at Predictive Insights. Mahlatse has an Undergraduate Degree in Management Studies (with Economics and Statistics). She also completed her Certificate in Data Science and

Predictive Insights Extends Demand Forecasts up to 18 Months...
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Predictive Insights today announced its Long-Term Demand Forecasting solution. The cutting edge tool uses a combination of machine learning, economic and behavioral insights to enable restaurants and retailers to accurately

What can restaurants learn from Central Banks?

Restaurants and Central Banks seem unlikely dining companions – trendy and hip vs staid and serious. But one area where restaurants can potentially learn a lot from central bankers is

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What is demand forecasting and where does it work best?

Demand forecasting or demand planning is an approach that attempts to forecast or predict what demand for a product or service will be in the future. This could be done

Reducing food waste through better demand planning

10+ million tons of food is wasted each year in South Africa. Retailers are using machine learning/AI to reduce food waste through demand forecasting.

Why forecasting matters for businesses

Imagine not checking the weather before packing to go away on a trip or not checking the traffic before beginning your rush hour drive home. These types of actions, and

Machine learning in the workplace

Given the complexity of data science, clear and intuitive communication of results is of the utmost importance. While most firms are good at collecting data, this data is rarely exploited

Economists as data scientists

Many economists think of themselves as primarily economists and don’t realise that they share many tools and areas of interest with data science.

What has the Nobel prize in Economics got to do with Predict...

We’re very excited by the award since these three economists have been responsible for developing, applying and popularising a set of analytical tools we use. 

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