Richard Taylor Predictive Insights Youth Employment Prediction Challenge UCT
Youth Unemployment Prediction | Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor Meet Richard Taylor, one of the four team members who won the UCT Hackathon based on the Predictive Insights | Zindi Youth Income Prediction challenge. As an enthusiastic and

Predictive Insights Challenge Zindi UCT
Youth Unemployment Prediction | Zuleigha

Zuleigha Patel Meet Zuleigha Patel, one of the four team members who won the UCT Hackathon based on the Predictive Insights | Zindi Youth Income Prediction challenge. As a BSc Computer

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Budget planning and forecasting are critical elements of business planning. Budgeting determines direction the company needs to go in, while the financial forecasts are used as a roadmap, to track

How to avoid food waste in restaurants: 5 Useful Tips

Food waste is a pressing global issue that extends far beyond our dinner plates. Contrary to popular belief, it is not merely a matter of tossing leftovers in the bin

CNN Predictive Insights Diana Pholo
Predictive Insights on CNN

We have had the privilege of being featured in the most recent edition of CNN Inside Africa. Diana, one of our data scientists, discussed how our cutting-edge solutions are reshaping

Youth Employment Prediction: A Recap Of The UCT Hackathon

This past Saturday (12th August 2023), Predictive Insights hosted a hackathon at the University of Cape Town. The event was a resounding success, bringing together bright minds to tackle a

Becoming a data scientist: insights from a professional
Blog / Meet The Team

Transitioning from academia to the business world, especially in the field of data science, can be quite a journey! Here are some insights from a professional.

Tips and Tricks from a Zindi Challenge Champion
Blog / Meet The Team

Meet Cobus Burger, one of our senior data scientists, who won the Zindi Challenge in 2020 as well as in 2022.  Cobus completed his graduate training at the University of

Using Data Science and Economics to Solve Real World Problem...
Blog / Meet The Team

Neil Rankin, CEO of Predictive Insights, is a trained micro-economist with a doctoral degree from the University of Oxford. Neil leads product development and implementation and manages the Predictive Insights

Harnessing the skills of economists in AI and Machine Learni...
Blog / Video

Why have economists become surprisingly popular over the past five to ten years in the tech space? Neil Rankin, CEO of Predictive Insights, sheds some light on this topic and