hungry lion predictive insights demand forecastingWith 230 stores across South Africa and southern Africa, Hungry Lion needed help to forecast demand and manage staff schedules at their fast food chicken outlets.

Most managers, especially in the hospitality and retail sector, have their hands full juggling various duties from customer satisfaction to staff performance, leaving little time to focus on demand forecasting, stock planning and staff scheduling. They often rely on instinct, experience and guesswork to project sales volumes.  

Hungry Lion implemented Predictive Insights to improve demand forecasting and address staff scheduling challenges, by combining economic and behavioural insights with machine intelligence to improve accuracy. Hungry Lion saw a significant improvement. Demand forecasting errors were improved by 40% and the cost of staff scheduling errors were reduced from 34% to 20%.

No person can predict that accurately – but a machine algorithm can. It looks at the historic values, actual performance, as well as behaviour and economic insights to predict sales volumes”. Gideon concluded that,  “AI decreases the risk of branch managers attempting to predict sales, stock and staff volume especially during turbulent times.

– Gideon Jacobs, Business Development Manager at Hungry Lion

Predictive Insights applied AI and behavioural insights to:

  • Improve margins of error for demand forecasting by 40%

  • Reduce the cost of staff scheduling errors from 34% to 20%

  • Reduce wasteful spending on the wage bill by 14%

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