A South African technology investment group, Alphawave, is backing at least five deep tech applications in its innovation units. The group has been investing in deep tech since the mid-nineties – long before it was said to define the future.

Deep tech, also known as “hard tech,” may suggest technology that’s five or 10 years away from being relevant, but much of this technology can be applied now by tapping a vibrant ecosystem of deep tech ventures.
Deep tech is widely described as technology that is based on scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation. It is often referred to as problem-solving technology. There is a lot more to it than what we see in the everyday technology industry.

Back in South Africa, Alphawave’s engineers continue to innovate in deep tech and have built a portfolio of 16 successful technology businesses.

Predictive Insights is another gem in the Alphawave Group portfolio leading the way with AI. By combining machine intelligence with economic and behavioural insights, restaurants and retailers can predict demand, improving the accuracy of revenue forecasts up to 18 months ahead, and reducing the cost and environmental impact of waste.

"Predictive Insights is a gem in the Alphawave Group portfolio leading the way with AI."

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